Blue Shadows Fall by Lenore Stutznegger Book Review

This book was quite the ride!

Blue is a girl living in the town of New Haven where she has lived all her life. Most humans have been wiped off the planet by the shadow elves. The citizens of New Haven live in a small, tight nit community but Blue has a secret. She has enhanced eyesight, but special abilities are not allowed. She is also in love with Kaleo, the big warrior hunk who she believes only sees her as a little sister. Their peaceful little town is thrown into chaos when they discover a baby shadow elf in their midst and find out that other humans exist beyond their little enclave. Can the new humans be trusted? What about the beautiful baby shadow elf?

I really enjoyed the characters Blue and Kaleo! They were a cute couple! The climax was so well done and really keeps you on the edge of your seat! I can’t wait to see what happens next in book 2!

If you like post-apocalyptic dystopias set in a tiny town with relatable characters, then check out Blue Shadows Fall by Lenore Stutznegger!

Official Blurb

Blue Haven wishes her grandma would stop droning on about the zombie elves—they’re all dead. But when her forbidden Sight reveals a killer Shadow Elf in their midst—she must warn her people, even if it means revealing her hidden power—a sign she’s transitioning into a killer Elf herself.

Other Information:

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A Dark and Lovely Devastation has released on Kindle Vella!

Do you like serialized fiction? Want to try it out? Do you enjoy a good steamy dark fantasy romance? Then check out A Dark and Lovely Devastation on Kindle Vella! The first three episodes are now available! And the better news? They are available for free! New episodes will be posted on Tuesdays and Thursdays!

Read the blurb below!

A love that spans lifetimes. A love she doesn’t remember.

In another life, she was the queen of the faeries. But now, after being reborn, Chels avoids them due to trauma at the hands of the fae…

Until the king of the faeries comes for her, claiming her as his bride.

Now, she’s expected to be a queen in a world she knows nothing about alongside a king she doesn’t love. If that wasn’t enough, deadly magical forces trapped inside her have awakened, threatening destruction of the entire faerie world. Only the handsome, brooding faerie king has the answers she needs.

She won’t give into his desires, no matter how drawn she feels to him.

In the end, Chels must choose between saving herself or the faerie realm. With her own life on the line, and the violent forces growing inside her, Chels knows she can’t really trust anyone.

Not the faerie king.

Not even herself.

And definitely not her own heart.

*A Dark and Lovely Devastation is a steamy dark fantasy romance and contains sexual content.*

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Kingdom on Fire Series Books 2 and 3 Reviews

Alright, guys, getting back in the swing of here with the book reviews. (I know, FINALLY). A while back, I read and reviewed Book 1 of the Kingdom on Fire series, A Fire Bright and Burning by Jessica Cluess. Now I’m going to review books 2, A Poison Dark and Drowning, and Book 3, A Sorrow Fierce and Falling together.

So the things I loved about this series. This story has a savior-like prophecy. Some prophecies are in the background of stories, but this one played through all three books, sometimes taking on completely new meanings. It was really fun to try to figure out and there were plenty of awesome twists and turns. Again I love the kind of Jane Austen, regency era feel to it, set in England, and the monsters and the stakes were super compelling and well done. The division of the different forms of magic was also clear and a cool take.

The main character, Henrietta, is rash, strong willed and complex. But most of the time you are on her side, rooting for her and I love seeing her struggle through the consequences of her actions.

While there were some great relationship moments going on, the sad thing I was a bit turned off by the romance. Another review I read that made me chuckled said that the author treats the romance like a “multiple choice question.” And that kind of sums it up. There are not two but three love options in this story and right when you think she has settled on one she changes her mind and goes after another. Honestly, I think it is hard enough to do a compelling love triangle that doesn’t make someone want to tear their hair out so doing three was quite ambitious, and it didn’t quite hit the mark for me.

But the writing was beautiful. The world building and backstory were awesome. If you are into dark fantasy romance with false chosen ones and choices that are not clearly black and white, then check out Jessica Cluess’s Kingdom of Fire series!

To learn more about books by Jessica Cluess, check her out at her website.

It’s Here! Battle of the Lost Fae Now Available!

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Battle of the Lost Fae is released!

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Battle of the Lost Fae Ch. 11 Sneak Peek

So for the first two books, the scepter of Queen Morrigan, the object needed to bring about the end of the Otherworld, that can open the portal between the human and mythical realms, and can only be controlled by the queen, has been missing. It was hidden by Jazrael in Mina’s past life. In Battle of the Lost Fae, Mina and her friends must discover where the scepter is and get to it before the Fomori. Here is a little bit from the scene where Mina, Arius, Dramian and Caelm go on a quest to find the scepter. Enjoy! 🙂

Caelm’s hand rested on my arm. Sometimes the nervous healer boy was so quiet I almost forgot he was there.

“My lady,” he said. “Jazrael set the protections. Perhaps if you approach the door, it will open for you?”

I stepped closer to the splintered wood. “Open,” I tried to command.


But the door seemed to pulse from within. Power lurked behind it. I pressed my palm to the wood, and the rune-like writing glowed. The words dripped with light, melding and reshaping.

Once started on this path, there is no returning until your goal is achieved.

Do you wish to proceed?

It reminded me of a computer screen asking me if I was sure I wanted to download some potentially malicious software. All I needed to do was hit enter.

Arius and Dramian stopped arguing and approached.

“Yes,” I said.

The words melded and reshaped again.

To begin your quest, a quandary you must face.

The vibrations that come from thine own form

Illuminates the darkness in which you seek to hide me.

Come forth and be revealed.

The wooden door burst open, revealing a long dirt tunnel. An occasional torch rested in a sconce, jutting out of the root-covered walls.

My hands drew into fists against the tremor running through me. If we entered, there would be no going back.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” I said. “If I am the only one who can open the door, then there is no way the Fomori can get in.”

“Mina, the Fomori have your blood. They can access your magic. Chances are, they can get in,” Dramian said.

My heart sank as my last hope of leaving the scepter alone died. I looked from Arius to Dramian to Caelm. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

All three of them nodded, although I read the fear in Caelm’s eyes.

“Caelm, you sure?”

The fear didn’t leave, but his shoulders straightened. “Yes, my lady. I’m sure.”

I turned to the tunnel. My hand slid to the hilt of my sword. “Then let’s go.”

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Battle of the Lost Fae Ch. 6 Sneak Peek

In book 3 we learn more about the motivation behind the villains of the story. There’s always a reason why someone chooses the path they are on, and before relationships go south, they often were once good. Check out this scene from Battle of the Lost Fae that shows the royal family’s relationship at the Battle of Balor!

King Dagda turned to their sixteen-year-old daughter, who lingered with them. A breeze whipped through the leaves of the trees and ruffled the girl’s golden wings and long auburn hair.

“Niamh, it is time,” King Dagda said. “Go to your elder brothers. They shall keep you safe.”

The shaking of the ground became sharper, more constant. Princess Niamh’s eyes grew round. “I wish to stay.”

King Dagda patted her shoulder, but it was Queen Morrigan who responded. “You must leave. If events do not go according to plan, it shall be a relief to us that you and your brothers survived.”

Niamh glanced at the tall, thin weapon in the queen’s hands. “Do you doubt the spear’s ability to defeat Balor?”

“Mother has enchanted the spear.” Lugh brushed his black hair aside. “It will do its job so long as it hits his third eye true.

Uncertainty crossed Queen Morrigan’s face, but she handed the spear over to Lugh.

“Your brother takes the risk, as he must,” King Dagda said to Niamh. “Your mother and I must remain to lead and support him. And you, young one, must stay safe.”

Niamh threw her arms around him, and then her brother. Last, she turned to her mother, and they entered a tight embrace.

“I love you all.” Niamh’s voice cracked. “Goddess Danu grant we shall be together soon.”

“As the Goddess wishes,” the others murmured.

Niamh’s wings flared, and she wiped a tear from her cheek as she flew away from the approaching battle.

Queen Morrigan watched her go, the worry in her expression etching deeper.

The quaking ground had become near deafening.

“Seven flaps protect his third eye. You must move after the sixth flap, but you must not get there until after Balor raises the final one,” said Queen Morrigan to her son. “And you cannot get in his line of sight until right when you throw the spear or else you shall burn to death.”

Lugh nodded. “I am aware. We have gone over this a thousand times.”

“Well, a thousand and one does not hurt,” she retorted.

A monstrosity rounded the farthest hill, flanked by a large fomori army. The soldiers marched, their red eyes glistening with malice inside their ebony armor.

Prince Lugh paled. “Perhaps it does not.”\

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Battle of the Lost Fae Advanced Reviewers Needed!

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Defeat the Fomori. Keep the worlds from going to war.

Somehow stay alive.

Hiding out at a cabin along Lake Coeur d’Alene after their loss at the hands of the Fomori, Mina and the faeries are worse off than ever. With their numbers devastated and their home gone, Mina feels incapable and lost. As more of her friends are placed in danger, Mina must decide what she is willing to risk to finally defeat their enemies.

Arius finally possesses what he has always wanted. Love and family. But when the Otherworld and his friends are threatened by the Fomori, he must choose: keep what he’s secretly longed for his entire life, or fulfill his duty and sacrifice it all.

Choices will be made. Lives will be lost.

All will be changed in the battle of the lost fae.

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What Is Your Faerie Guardian?

Hey! You want to have some fun? In Lies of the Haven, the faeries have mythical creatures that are tattooed to their arms. These creatures can come to life when the faerie wills it, and they fight for the faeries in battle! Pretty cool, right? Discover your faerie guardian by taking the quiz!!! Comment below and share what you got!

*I took it and I got golem for my faerie guardian!!! 🙂

Battle of the Lost Fae Sneak Peek!

What do you think of Arius’s and Mina’s relationship so far? They definitely have their ups and downs as they deal with their mutual feelings for each other, while at the same time taking care of the faeries, and getting used to each other’s leading styles. In book 3, some of these conflicts begin to resolve, and others escalate, as their feelings for each other are finally expressed. Check out out this sneak peek from the final book in the Faerie Warriors Trilogy, Battle of the Lost Fae:

His lips tugged down as he picked at the inseam of a heavy woman’s coat in his hands. I just watched him, taking in his short-cropped hair and eyes that burned like coal. Ever since the disaster that had lost our friends and almost gotten the queen killed, he’d promised he’d be there for me. And here he was, willing to set aside our conflict. The guilt from earlier mixed with the pain of everything he’d lost because of me. At some point, it was going to burst out of him, I knew it. He was trying hard to act like my poor decisions didn’t matter.

But they did.

His friends were gone because of me. And, now, I’d put more faeries in danger.

And it was killing me that I was causing him more pain.

I took a slow breath and approached. Those dark eyes rose to meet mine, and I saw no resentment. In fact, they warmed.

He must be hiding it deep.

Still, I’d be crazy to destroy the way he gazed at me. The spark of desire behind the warmth nearly stole my breath.

He reached forward, holding the coat, ready for me to put on. “Kris thought I should take you out.”

Kris. Right.

“So this is her plan.” I don’t know why, but a tug of disappointment pulled at my gut.

“We both thought it might be best,” he responded, a frown on his face as I slipped my arms into the coat. When it was on, he spun away from me and opened the front door.

I didn’t move. “About earlier, I want to apologize. You have enough to deal with without me shoving more pain in your face.”

He stared at me, his face blank, his eyes unreadable. “We both have enough to deal with.”

“I know, but—”

He released the doorknob and stepped toward me, coming so close his earthy scent washed over me. I should be used to the intensity swirling in those dark depths by now, and yet, anything I planned to say slipped away like water through my fingertips.

How did he do that?

He searched my face and eyes before speaking. “Will you go on a date with me?” he asked, his voice low.

Here? Now? But my heart spoke before my head caught up.

“Yes,” I murmured.

I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Battle of the Lost Fae releases January 29th! Click HERE to Pre-order your copy of Battle of the Lost Fae today! All proceeds made in the month of January and February will go to my cover designer, who had her home destroyed by hurricane Rai (Click Here to learn more)