Battle of the Lost Fae Ch. 11 Sneak Peek

So for the first two books, the scepter of Queen Morrigan, the object needed to bring about the end of the Otherworld, that can open the portal between the human and mythical realms, and can only be controlled by the queen, has been missing. It was hidden by Jazrael in Mina’s past life. In Battle of the Lost Fae, Mina and her friends must discover where the scepter is and get to it before the Fomori. Here is a little bit from the scene where Mina, Arius, Dramian and Caelm go on a quest to find the scepter. Enjoy! 🙂

Caelm’s hand rested on my arm. Sometimes the nervous healer boy was so quiet I almost forgot he was there.

“My lady,” he said. “Jazrael set the protections. Perhaps if you approach the door, it will open for you?”

I stepped closer to the splintered wood. “Open,” I tried to command.


But the door seemed to pulse from within. Power lurked behind it. I pressed my palm to the wood, and the rune-like writing glowed. The words dripped with light, melding and reshaping.

Once started on this path, there is no returning until your goal is achieved.

Do you wish to proceed?

It reminded me of a computer screen asking me if I was sure I wanted to download some potentially malicious software. All I needed to do was hit enter.

Arius and Dramian stopped arguing and approached.

“Yes,” I said.

The words melded and reshaped again.

To begin your quest, a quandary you must face.

The vibrations that come from thine own form

Illuminates the darkness in which you seek to hide me.

Come forth and be revealed.

The wooden door burst open, revealing a long dirt tunnel. An occasional torch rested in a sconce, jutting out of the root-covered walls.

My hands drew into fists against the tremor running through me. If we entered, there would be no going back.

“Maybe we shouldn’t,” I said. “If I am the only one who can open the door, then there is no way the Fomori can get in.”

“Mina, the Fomori have your blood. They can access your magic. Chances are, they can get in,” Dramian said.

My heart sank as my last hope of leaving the scepter alone died. I looked from Arius to Dramian to Caelm. “Are you sure you want to do this?”

All three of them nodded, although I read the fear in Caelm’s eyes.

“Caelm, you sure?”

The fear didn’t leave, but his shoulders straightened. “Yes, my lady. I’m sure.”

I turned to the tunnel. My hand slid to the hilt of my sword. “Then let’s go.”

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