Battle of the Lost Fae Ch. 6 Sneak Peek

In book 3 we learn more about the motivation behind the villains of the story. There’s always a reason why someone chooses the path they are on, and before relationships go south, they often were once good. Check out this scene from Battle of the Lost Fae that shows the royal family’s relationship at the Battle of Balor!

King Dagda turned to their sixteen-year-old daughter, who lingered with them. A breeze whipped through the leaves of the trees and ruffled the girl’s golden wings and long auburn hair.

“Niamh, it is time,” King Dagda said. “Go to your elder brothers. They shall keep you safe.”

The shaking of the ground became sharper, more constant. Princess Niamh’s eyes grew round. “I wish to stay.”

King Dagda patted her shoulder, but it was Queen Morrigan who responded. “You must leave. If events do not go according to plan, it shall be a relief to us that you and your brothers survived.”

Niamh glanced at the tall, thin weapon in the queen’s hands. “Do you doubt the spear’s ability to defeat Balor?”

“Mother has enchanted the spear.” Lugh brushed his black hair aside. “It will do its job so long as it hits his third eye true.

Uncertainty crossed Queen Morrigan’s face, but she handed the spear over to Lugh.

“Your brother takes the risk, as he must,” King Dagda said to Niamh. “Your mother and I must remain to lead and support him. And you, young one, must stay safe.”

Niamh threw her arms around him, and then her brother. Last, she turned to her mother, and they entered a tight embrace.

“I love you all.” Niamh’s voice cracked. “Goddess Danu grant we shall be together soon.”

“As the Goddess wishes,” the others murmured.

Niamh’s wings flared, and she wiped a tear from her cheek as she flew away from the approaching battle.

Queen Morrigan watched her go, the worry in her expression etching deeper.

The quaking ground had become near deafening.

“Seven flaps protect his third eye. You must move after the sixth flap, but you must not get there until after Balor raises the final one,” said Queen Morrigan to her son. “And you cannot get in his line of sight until right when you throw the spear or else you shall burn to death.”

Lugh nodded. “I am aware. We have gone over this a thousand times.”

“Well, a thousand and one does not hurt,” she retorted.

A monstrosity rounded the farthest hill, flanked by a large fomori army. The soldiers marched, their red eyes glistening with malice inside their ebony armor.

Prince Lugh paled. “Perhaps it does not.”\

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