Blue Shadows Fall by Lenore Stutznegger Book Review

This book was quite the ride!

Blue is a girl living in the town of New Haven where she has lived all her life. Most humans have been wiped off the planet by the shadow elves. The citizens of New Haven live in a small, tight nit community but Blue has a secret. She has enhanced eyesight, but special abilities are not allowed. She is also in love with Kaleo, the big warrior hunk who she believes only sees her as a little sister. Their peaceful little town is thrown into chaos when they discover a baby shadow elf in their midst and find out that other humans exist beyond their little enclave. Can the new humans be trusted? What about the beautiful baby shadow elf?

I really enjoyed the characters Blue and Kaleo! They were a cute couple! The climax was so well done and really keeps you on the edge of your seat! I can’t wait to see what happens next in book 2!

If you like post-apocalyptic dystopias set in a tiny town with relatable characters, then check out Blue Shadows Fall by Lenore Stutznegger!

Official Blurb

Blue Haven wishes her grandma would stop droning on about the zombie elves—they’re all dead. But when her forbidden Sight reveals a killer Shadow Elf in their midst—she must warn her people, even if it means revealing her hidden power—a sign she’s transitioning into a killer Elf herself.

Other Information:

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