A Shadow Bright And Burning by Jessica Cluess Book Review

This was a fun read! I really enjoyed the journey of Henrietta from lowly to chosen one to probably not chosen one! The complexity and conflict that comes from turning that trope on its head mixed with the regency era English feel made this book a unique delight.

Henrietta (Nettie) and her childhood friend Rook is caught up in a world of privileged sorcerers and cast out magicians. They are defending England against the seven demons that were released and are attacking and taking over towns throughout the country. It is believed that Nettie, a girl with fire magic, is the chosen one to save the country from the demons. She is also the first woman sorcerer in four hundred years.

Or is she?

Nettie must navigate a world of privilege run by men in a world that has certain expectations of women in this regency era novel. It was well done although I do confess that occasionally I kind of felt like I was on an episode of the bachelorette as Nettie must navigate between her childhood crush, Rook, the cold and brooding, Mr. Blackwood and the charming and flirtatious, Magnus. Haha!

But I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters and the twists were fun and exciting. The lessons and themes I feel are also timely.

If you are looking for a great dark magical twist that balances a pride and prejudice feel with demon hunting magic, then check out A Shadow Bright and Burning!

You can learn more about Jessica Cluess on her website.

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