Battle Of The Lost Fae Cover Reveal!!!

The cover for the third and final book in the Faerie Warriors Trilogy is here! Battle of the Lost Fae will be available January 2022!!!

In other news, you can now purchase the novella companion, Feud: Arius’s Story in paperback on Amazon! Click the image below to check it out!

AND I have one more Faerie Warriors trilogy novella companion coming out! Shades of the Fallen takes all of the stories about the Otherworld and puts them in chronological order in one book. It includes an Otherworld timeline and includes a previous unread chapter! Shades of the Fallen comes out at the end of December 2021! Check out the cover below!

The Bloodcaster Chronicles Trilogy by R.L. Perez Review

This was a great trilogy!

The Bloodcaster Chronicles is about Cora who is a morally grey assassin demon leader who has really rare blood that can create super powerful spells. It is also about Vince a warlock and Nephilim who can travel through time. In book one, Cora is sent to assassinate Vince but ends up falling for him instead and their journey begins.

It had lots of twists and turns and a great compelling romance! I loved the strong characters and the struggles they faced. It was fast paced and the characters and villains were both believable. The build up of the time travel and the timeline in the third book I felt was very unique and I really enjoyed discovering all the aspects that when into it.

There is quite a bit of steam and a sexual encounter in the third book. But the action and the characters were all on point and even though I was unsure whether I would grow to like Cora, I did end up liking her by the end. As always, I enjoyed R.L. Perez’s creation of both strong female and male characters.

If you are into a series with demons, time travel, morally grey protagonists, and strong, uncompromising characters, then check out The Bloodcaster Chronicles.

Official Blurb:

He’s an angel. She’s a demon. Their love was never meant to be.
Cora is a demon, and an assassin who never misses her mark. But she has a deadly secret: her blood can create the most powerful magical elixirs in the world—and she’s been hunted for it her whole life. When Cora is sent to kill a Nephilim named Vince, she figures this will be an easy target. Until Vince time travels, appearing in two places at once.

When she tries to get close to him to learn the secret to his strange ability, she falls in love with him. Her loyalties shift, wreaking chaos among demons and Nephilim alike.

Vince toes the line between Nephilim and time travelers, trying to balance both worlds. As he struggles to come to terms with his magic, he uncovers a deadly enemy that transcends the laws of time.

Cora and Vince must rely on their skills—and the strength of their love—in order to survive. But when their enemies align, the star-crossed lovers must confront their battles head-on before the world is torn apart.

Even if it destroys them both.

Other Information:

Purchase book 1, The Demon’s Kiss, here. Purchase book 2, The Angel’s Vow, here. Purchase book 3, The Reaper’s Call, here. Purchase all three books in the boxset, here.

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Dacia Wolf and The Prophecy by Mandi Oyster Book Review

I found this to be a fun read.

Dacia Wolf and The Prophecy is about a young woman named Dacia who has many magical abilities. She discovers that she is destined to defeat a giant demon who returns to earth every 1,000 years or so, she has to learn to rely on her friends and, more importantly, believe in herself in order to survive.

The characters were all super enjoyable, and there was a lot of twists and action to keep the story going. I found her love interest a tad too perfect for me but their developing relationship was enjoyable to watch.

The writing could have used a bit more variety. But the story-line and the characters are all intriguing. And the writing is easy to read making this a quick read. If you are into cute love stories and protagonists who must find the courage to face overwhelming odds, then check out Dacia Wolf and The Prophecy.

Official Blurb:

Magic exists …
Monsters are real …
The fate of one may save them all…

In a world where magic is no more than sleight of hand, Dacia Wolf is an anomaly. Strange things happen in her presence, and the locals shy away from her. After setting her house on fire when she was six, even her parents fear her.

When Dacia leaves for college, she hopes her life is about to change for the better, but when her powers surface in class, she discovers that she’s part of a prophecy involving a demon hell-bent on taking over the world.

Dacia doesn’t believe in prophecies, but when she starts living her nightmares, she can’t help but wonder if she’s wrong. Can she learn to control her powers and save the world?

Other Information:

You can purchase a copy of Dacia Wolf and the Prophecy Here.

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Renegades by Marissa Meyer Book Review

So Marissa Meyer as we all know is an awesome author and Renegades does not disappoint! A fun take on the hero’s and villain trope and a perspective from both sides makes this a very engaging read!

Nova is an anarchist villain with a tragic past and Adrian is the son of famous heroes who run the Renegades, an organization of heroes that keep the world safe. When Nova goes undercover in Renegades HQ, she searches for a way to bring them down. Adrian is willing to work outside the rules to help the Renegades accomplish their goals. Neither Nova or Adrian knows each other’s secret.

For some reason with many of Marissa Meyers books, although I generally like them, there is always a little something I find missing. In this book, for being such a long book, I really expected more to happen. And by that I mean more revelations and more drama. We know the main characters are both lying to each other and sometimes it seems a little silly that Adrian doesn’t suspect Nova with some of the things that happen but I wanted some heartwrenching drama that didn’t really go down. I mean the climax was exciting, don’t get me wrong. But I just wanted MORE by the end.

Does that mean I’m not going to read book two! Haha! I will definitely be reading book two when I get a chance! Since the drama didn’t go down in this book, it HAS to go down in the next book right?

If you are into superhero style action with complex characters, then check out Renegades by Marrissa Meyer!

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Mirror Walker by James Clarno Book Review

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I started reading this book. Would it be a portal fantasy? An urban fantasy? A time travel fantasy? Turns out that Mirror Walker is a little bit of everything. It is a story about two kids who find a mirror and it becomes a time travel portal that takes the kids back in time where they can change the past.

This surprised me a bit I think because the cover suggested some sort of portal fantasy into a high fantasy realm, at least that is what I thought. But the world does expand and more and more fantastical elements are added throughout the book. The two main characters Connor and Felicity were relatable and felt like real fleshed out characters.

The book was enjoyable and had a good build. I was a little lost at the climax however. I feel like all of a sudden the book took a big turn that hadn’t been set up earlier and it would have been helpful to have more of the lore and mythology foreshadowed earlier in the book in order to fully understand the significance of the climax.

There were definitely unexpected twists in this book and the ending leaves you on a cliffhanger!

If you are looking for a fun clean read and a story with unexpected twists, check out Mirror Walker!

Official Blurb:

A magic mirror, a mysterious riddle and a family secret! 

With the help of his best friend Felicity, Connor Grayson begins to unlock the secrets and awesome power of the mirror, but curiosity turns to obsession when the history of the Grayson family, and the events surrounding his mother’s death begin to come into question. What price is Connor willing to pay to uncover secrets such as these? Are the mirror’s powers the key to a better life, or will his obsession cost him everything? As Connor and Felicity seek for answers, they must obtain magical artifacts, battle shapeshifters and druids, and confront a looming evil that may be impossible to overcome.

Other Information:

You can purchase a copy of Mirror Walker Here.

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A Shadow Bright And Burning by Jessica Cluess Book Review

This was a fun read! I really enjoyed the journey of Henrietta from lowly to chosen one to probably not chosen one! The complexity and conflict that comes from turning that trope on its head mixed with the regency era English feel made this book a unique delight.

Henrietta (Nettie) and her childhood friend Rook is caught up in a world of privileged sorcerers and cast out magicians. They are defending England against the seven demons that were released and are attacking and taking over towns throughout the country. It is believed that Nettie, a girl with fire magic, is the chosen one to save the country from the demons. She is also the first woman sorcerer in four hundred years.

Or is she?

Nettie must navigate a world of privilege run by men in a world that has certain expectations of women in this regency era novel. It was well done although I do confess that occasionally I kind of felt like I was on an episode of the bachelorette as Nettie must navigate between her childhood crush, Rook, the cold and brooding, Mr. Blackwood and the charming and flirtatious, Magnus. Haha!

But I thoroughly enjoyed all the characters and the twists were fun and exciting. The lessons and themes I feel are also timely.

If you are looking for a great dark magical twist that balances a pride and prejudice feel with demon hunting magic, then check out A Shadow Bright and Burning!

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Its here!!! Rise of the Fomori Ebook Available Now!!!

I’m so excited! Rise of the Fomori is now available on ebook! Pick up your copy today! AND come to my book release party tomorrow! There will be some awesome giveaways for both readers and writers!

Purchase your copy of Faerie Warriors book 2, Rise of the Fomori HERE!

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Brothers at odds. One lost faerie to find. An enemy lurks in the shadows.

But not for long.

After saving her friends from death, Mina finds herself in charge of the faeries of the Haven. But the two faerie factions are still divided, and a lost faerie remains to be found. Answers about their enemy are elusive. And with half the Haven burned to ash, and the faerie army reduced to a fraction of its former strength, Mina knows they aren’t ready for the attack that may come any day.

They must prepare. They must unite. Or risk being destroyed.

Still reeling from a devastating betrayal, Arius struggles to find his way. Realizing now what he should have known all along—that Mina is the one who will save them all—he is desperate to not lose her in the process.

Time is short. The enemy is making their move.

The Fomori are on the rise.

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The Changeling’s Source by Sarah Lynn Gardner Book Review

The Changeling’s Source was a very deep book with a lot of family and teenage life issues and growth that was very beautifully done. The story is about a girl who is a changeling and she has positive and negative energy that builds up in her that is released as magical power. That positive or negative energy is effected by her emotions.

When we enter the story, Tara, the protagonist is feeling a lot like a loner. She had some traumatic events from the year before and basically lost all her friends. On top of that, she feels alienated from her family. Enter the romantic interest who is a new kid in school with his own past issues.

The story really does a good job with character development and the progress of the love story. But the book really stands out in the relationship between Tara and her step-dad that was amazingly done and I loved the climax and the journey of their relationship as the book progresses.

I felt like this book was mainly a teen drama/family issues book with some magic on the side. Which is totally fine, but just not my style. I also felt like the pacing got pretty slow in the middle and I wasn’t sure why the story started after a lot of the drama in the book. Being dropped into the emotional aftermath of the drama instead of the drama itself made the book feel very heavy at the beginning. There also was a bit of a formatting issue with the indentation of the paragraphs throughout the book. The book read just fine, but it was noticeable throughout.

All that being said, if I had come into this book expecting the magic to take the backseat and was looking for a teen drama/romance, this book would have really hit the spot. Like I said, the relationship with the step-dad and the real life issues made the story feel real and deep. The love story was cute and I loved how the characters grew and changed.

If you are looking for a teen drama with a twist of magic and a book that doesn’t shy away from tough subjects, check out the The Changleing’s Source!

Official Blurb:

Her past could keep them apart. His past could separate them forever. Sixteen-year-old Tara struggles as a changeling alva. Source—both positive and negative—flows through Tara, giving her the magical ability to enhance or destroy. When harsh betrayals fill her with dark source, Tara decides the best way to protect herself and others is to become ice cold to everyone. Repeat encounters with two very different guys thaw the protective walls she’s built. One hides a secret. The other suspects a lie. Tara may be key to discovering the truth. As everything unravels, can she keep them safe from her dark source? Meanwhile, the culprit who turned all Tara’s friends against her still watches from the sidelines, waiting for the moment revenge will hurt the most.

Other Information:

You can purchase your own copy of The Changeling’s Source on Amazon.

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The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black Book Review

This last installment in the Folk of the Air trilogy was a very enjoyable read! Jude is cast out of Faerie by her husband, Cardan but has to return when her sister, Taryn gets into some trouble and needs Jude’s help.

I was a little surprise at the shortness and the sparseness of the last installment of the trilogy. I also was a little surprised that the ending wasn’t more epic than it was. That being said, I enjoyed watching her arch resolve meaningfully and that the ending was a happy ending (although, maybe too happy for this style of book?).

But I loved Cardan’s and Judes development and the descriptions as always were spot on and I enjoyed this world that Holly Black created. There is an intimate scene in this book. I’ve had a little bit of a problem with her writing style, especially in the first book, but I feel like the second and third books really smoothed out and became more intriguing. Either that or I just got used to it! Haha!

Overall this whole trilogy was a fun read! I totally recommend it if you are into uncompromising protagonists, enemy to lovers romance, and dark fae fantasy!