Renegades by Marissa Meyer Book Review

So Marissa Meyer as we all know is an awesome author and Renegades does not disappoint! A fun take on the hero’s and villain trope and a perspective from both sides makes this a very engaging read!

Nova is an anarchist villain with a tragic past and Adrian is the son of famous heroes who run the Renegades, an organization of heroes that keep the world safe. When Nova goes undercover in Renegades HQ, she searches for a way to bring them down. Adrian is willing to work outside the rules to help the Renegades accomplish their goals. Neither Nova or Adrian knows each other’s secret.

For some reason with many of Marissa Meyers books, although I generally like them, there is always a little something I find missing. In this book, for being such a long book, I really expected more to happen. And by that I mean more revelations and more drama. We know the main characters are both lying to each other and sometimes it seems a little silly that Adrian doesn’t suspect Nova with some of the things that happen but I wanted some heartwrenching drama that didn’t really go down. I mean the climax was exciting, don’t get me wrong. But I just wanted MORE by the end.

Does that mean I’m not going to read book two! Haha! I will definitely be reading book two when I get a chance! Since the drama didn’t go down in this book, it HAS to go down in the next book right?

If you are into superhero style action with complex characters, then check out Renegades by Marrissa Meyer!

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