Dacia Wolf and The Prophecy by Mandi Oyster Book Review

I found this to be a fun read.

Dacia Wolf and The Prophecy is about a young woman named Dacia who has many magical abilities. She discovers that she is destined to defeat a giant demon who returns to earth every 1,000 years or so, she has to learn to rely on her friends and, more importantly, believe in herself in order to survive.

The characters were all super enjoyable, and there was a lot of twists and action to keep the story going. I found her love interest a tad too perfect for me but their developing relationship was enjoyable to watch.

The writing could have used a bit more variety. But the story-line and the characters are all intriguing. And the writing is easy to read making this a quick read. If you are into cute love stories and protagonists who must find the courage to face overwhelming odds, then check out Dacia Wolf and The Prophecy.

Official Blurb:

Magic exists …
Monsters are real …
The fate of one may save them all…

In a world where magic is no more than sleight of hand, Dacia Wolf is an anomaly. Strange things happen in her presence, and the locals shy away from her. After setting her house on fire when she was six, even her parents fear her.

When Dacia leaves for college, she hopes her life is about to change for the better, but when her powers surface in class, she discovers that she’s part of a prophecy involving a demon hell-bent on taking over the world.

Dacia doesn’t believe in prophecies, but when she starts living her nightmares, she can’t help but wonder if she’s wrong. Can she learn to control her powers and save the world?

Other Information:

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