The Bloodcaster Chronicles Trilogy by R.L. Perez Review

This was a great trilogy!

The Bloodcaster Chronicles is about Cora who is a morally grey assassin demon leader who has really rare blood that can create super powerful spells. It is also about Vince a warlock and Nephilim who can travel through time. In book one, Cora is sent to assassinate Vince but ends up falling for him instead and their journey begins.

It had lots of twists and turns and a great compelling romance! I loved the strong characters and the struggles they faced. It was fast paced and the characters and villains were both believable. The build up of the time travel and the timeline in the third book I felt was very unique and I really enjoyed discovering all the aspects that when into it.

There is quite a bit of steam and a sexual encounter in the third book. But the action and the characters were all on point and even though I was unsure whether I would grow to like Cora, I did end up liking her by the end. As always, I enjoyed R.L. Perez’s creation of both strong female and male characters.

If you are into a series with demons, time travel, morally grey protagonists, and strong, uncompromising characters, then check out The Bloodcaster Chronicles.

Official Blurb:

He’s an angel. She’s a demon. Their love was never meant to be.
Cora is a demon, and an assassin who never misses her mark. But she has a deadly secret: her blood can create the most powerful magical elixirs in the world—and she’s been hunted for it her whole life. When Cora is sent to kill a Nephilim named Vince, she figures this will be an easy target. Until Vince time travels, appearing in two places at once.

When she tries to get close to him to learn the secret to his strange ability, she falls in love with him. Her loyalties shift, wreaking chaos among demons and Nephilim alike.

Vince toes the line between Nephilim and time travelers, trying to balance both worlds. As he struggles to come to terms with his magic, he uncovers a deadly enemy that transcends the laws of time.

Cora and Vince must rely on their skills—and the strength of their love—in order to survive. But when their enemies align, the star-crossed lovers must confront their battles head-on before the world is torn apart.

Even if it destroys them both.

Other Information:

Purchase book 1, The Demon’s Kiss, here. Purchase book 2, The Angel’s Vow, here. Purchase book 3, The Reaper’s Call, here. Purchase all three books in the boxset, here.

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