Raven Born by Bree Moore Book Review

Raven Born is a new adult urban fantasy story about a shifter, Harper, who has raven wings. She is forced into a naturalization camp in order to force her to fit into human society so that the government can control her so that she isn’t seen as a threat to humans. But Harper refuses to be naturalized and instead searches for a way to escape the camp.

There was a lot of great things about Raven Born to enjoy! First off, the main character, Harper is an awesome, badass, native american female. The character development was well done and the story had enough twists and turns to keep it moving through the whole book. The climax was definitely satisfying and leaves you wanting to find out what happens next.

The love story wasn’t in your face which I tend to like, although I feel like the two protagonists really didn’t spend enough time together to really develop that deep of a relationship. But it is clear they will have time to develop their relationship in future books.

There were several occasions where the the book switched into first person or present tense randomly. These little things done several times tended to throw me out of the story.

I loved the two main characters! They were very relatable and I found the plot intriguing and it kept me entertained through the book. I really enjoyed reading it!

If you are into new adult urban fantasy with a great, strong female protagonist, check out Raven Born!

Official Blurb:

Abandoned. Hunted. Betrayed.

As a half-raven, half-woman shifter, Harper’s very existence is illegal. Rumors of a hidden community of raven people draw her north, but she won’t go without her brother. 

When she’s captured by a government task force and taken to a camp for illegal paranormals, she’s threatened by a fate worse than death: the loss of her wings. Now Harper must find a way to evade the magical spells that imprison her. To succeed, she’ll have to trust someone who could betray her in an instant.

Can Harper escape Camp Silver Lake and find her brother before her wings or her life are taken from her?

Readers of Anne Bishop and Ilona Andrews will devour Bree Moore’s binge-worthy new series.

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