Rise of the Fomori Sneak Peek!

One of the things I have loved about writing Rise of the Fomori is writing from Arius’s viewpoint!

Sneak Peek:

“You took everything from me—from us,” I snarled. “We were doing fine without you. But now look at us, our home destroyed, barely surviving. Nuada’s gone, friends and loved ones fallen—because of you.”

Mina stumbled backward. “Why are you saying this?” The pain on her face was so intense, I might as well have slashed her with my sword.

But the rage refused to ebb. It rose in magnitude. ..“You speak to me of betrayal? You have betrayed us all!”

My faerie guardian came off my arm. The closeness of my golem looming over us blocked the sun. It brought a fist down to crush Mina, but she leapt as it descended, rolling between the golem’s large stone legs. She rose to her feet, releasing her faerie guardian shaped as a large green dragon. It slammed into the back of my golem, shoving it to its knees.

I stepped aside to keep from being crushed. Startled faeries scattered in alarm, but my rage only burned hotter.

The rock monster reached around and clamped onto the dragon’s neck. A roar reverberated across the clearing as my golem forced the dragon off its back and pinned it to the earth. Both stone fists closed around the dragon’s throat.

I rushed Mina. Her hand went for her sword too late. I gripped her throat with my free hand and swung my foot behind her legs, bringing her to the grass, hard. She lay on her back, and I knelt over her, my knees grinding into her arms, keeping her pinned. I released her throat, but she continued to struggle for breath. My golem’s hold on her dragon squeezed ever tighter. Terror flashed across her face. I raised my sword. One or two swings and she’d fall.

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JA Curtis has always loved writing stories. One of her greatest dreams as a child was to have a book published. She never knew if that dream would become a reality. There were times when she stopped writing and thought she had given it up for good, but she always found herself coming back to it. So she has decided to share those stories in the hope that others might enjoy them as much as she does! When she’s not writing or re-watching ATLA for the 100th time, she is spending time with her husband and two daughters, or trying to live her life with half as much determination as Mina.

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