Lies of the Haven Ebook is AVAILABLE NOW!!!

Hey everyone! My debut novel, Lies of the Haven is now available on ebook! You can purchase it or you can read it for free for those who have Kindle Unlimited! Of course, the paperback is also available for those who enjoy a good hard copy!

If you enjoyed reading Lies of the Haven and want more, you can receive a free enovella, Feud: Arius’s Story by signing up for my weekly newsletter! The story will be made available this Friday, September 4th to all who sign up!

Thanks so much for your support!

JA Curtis

P.S. Below is a quick blurb for Lies of the Haven:

Faerie Warriors Book 1, Lies of the Haven

They came from the Otherworld, living in the seclusion of the mountains. Somehow, they had managed to go undetected, despite their hatred for one another and their powerful faerie guardians occasionally locked in mortal combat…

Fifteen-year-old Mina didn’t ask to become the center of a feud between two tattoo bearing, near immortal brothers and their faerie followers. Nor did she ask to be a faerie for that matter. On the night a dragon sends her grandmother’s home up in flames, everything changes.

Mina is stolen from her human home and forced into a life of lies, monsters, and magic. But as she searches for answers that might end the fighting between the faerie factions, she uncovers an enemy who threatens everything she has begun to care for. In order to expose those plotting against the last remaining faeries, and unite the factions, Mina must leave her human life behind. But none of it will matter if she can’t prove her rightful place among them. And what about those back at home who still need her? Torn between two worlds with the fate of one on her shoulders, Mina must dig deep to find where she truly belongs.

Published by thewritingwizard

JA Curtis has always loved writing stories. One of her greatest dreams as a child was to have a book published. She never knew if that dream would become a reality. There were times when she stopped writing and thought she had given it up for good, but she always found herself coming back to it. So she has decided to share those stories in the hope that others might enjoy them as much as she does! When she’s not writing or re-watching ATLA for the 100th time, she is spending time with her husband and two daughters, or trying to live her life with half as much determination as Mina.

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