Lies of the Haven Ebook Available Monday!

Lies of the Haven ebook goes live on Monday!

Yay! I am so excited! Have you pre-ordered your own copy yet? If not, you can do so Here.

Just a reminder, if you help me advertise on social media, you will be entered into a contest to receive a free copy of my novella ebook, Feud: Arius’s Story, which goes along with Lies of the Haven! Don’t forget to put #LiesoftheHaven and @jacurtisbooks!

So great news! I have been working hard on Rise of the Fomori, Faerie Warriors book 2! I actually wrote the last chapter of the book this last week! Now I have to go back and fill in all those parts that I skipped! Haha! But the first draft is coming along, and I hope to start getting the first chapters out to my critique partner and critique groups this coming month! 

Part of writing a believable story is doing research! This can include researching local flora and fauna, locations, weather, making sure travel times feel realistic, etc. But sometimes, you have to go to someone who is an expert in their field. This last week I was able to contact and email interview a local police department in Idaho. One of my characters get arrested in book 2 and I wanted to make sure that the experience feels realistic. 🙂

And even greater news!! One week from today my email subscribers will be receiving their free copy of Feud: Arius’s Story! To be able to receive your own free copy, all you have to do is sign up for my weekly newsletter! I’m almost as excited to share this story with you as I am to share Lies of the Haven! I have gotten a lot of positive feedback from betas and others and I can’t wait to expand the Faerie Warriors world with this great backstory!

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