The Changeling’s Source by Sarah Lynn Gardner Book Review

The Changeling’s Source was a very deep book with a lot of family and teenage life issues and growth that was very beautifully done. The story is about a girl who is a changeling and she has positive and negative energy that builds up in her that is released as magical power. That positive or negative energy is effected by her emotions.

When we enter the story, Tara, the protagonist is feeling a lot like a loner. She had some traumatic events from the year before and basically lost all her friends. On top of that, she feels alienated from her family. Enter the romantic interest who is a new kid in school with his own past issues.

The story really does a good job with character development and the progress of the love story. But the book really stands out in the relationship between Tara and her step-dad that was amazingly done and I loved the climax and the journey of their relationship as the book progresses.

I felt like this book was mainly a teen drama/family issues book with some magic on the side. Which is totally fine, but just not my style. I also felt like the pacing got pretty slow in the middle and I wasn’t sure why the story started after a lot of the drama in the book. Being dropped into the emotional aftermath of the drama instead of the drama itself made the book feel very heavy at the beginning. There also was a bit of a formatting issue with the indentation of the paragraphs throughout the book. The book read just fine, but it was noticeable throughout.

All that being said, if I had come into this book expecting the magic to take the backseat and was looking for a teen drama/romance, this book would have really hit the spot. Like I said, the relationship with the step-dad and the real life issues made the story feel real and deep. The love story was cute and I loved how the characters grew and changed.

If you are looking for a teen drama with a twist of magic and a book that doesn’t shy away from tough subjects, check out the The Changleing’s Source!

Official Blurb:

Her past could keep them apart. His past could separate them forever. Sixteen-year-old Tara struggles as a changeling alva. Source—both positive and negative—flows through Tara, giving her the magical ability to enhance or destroy. When harsh betrayals fill her with dark source, Tara decides the best way to protect herself and others is to become ice cold to everyone. Repeat encounters with two very different guys thaw the protective walls she’s built. One hides a secret. The other suspects a lie. Tara may be key to discovering the truth. As everything unravels, can she keep them safe from her dark source? Meanwhile, the culprit who turned all Tara’s friends against her still watches from the sidelines, waiting for the moment revenge will hurt the most.

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