The Cursed Witch and The Fallen Demon by RL Perez double book review

So I am a person who likes books with a lot of action and anything that is an enemies to lovers style romance. The Nightcaster Chronicles is a series with both of these! Meet Brielle a badass demon hunter who turns out not to have her magic powers. She is sent off to live in 1700’s Spain when her powers refuse to manifest and the magic council worries that she may be a cursed witch. She lives with a group of other witches and wizards who also have difficulties with their powers. Enter Leo, a vampire who leads a coven of demons and is looking for his brother that is being held by the Count who runs the castle where Brielle and the other witches and wizards live.

This is a fun series! The first book was really enjoyable and I enjoyed the subtle romance mixed in with the action. The second book gets very steamy with some intimate scenes. The development of their relationship in book two is pretty satisfying with a heart wrenching ending that leads you directly into the third book! Sometimes the romance was a bit too in your face for me, but the action and the magic mixed in kept me turning the pages.

I really enjoyed Leo’s point of view in book 2. In book 1 I found him less sympathetic but by book 2, I found his perspective much more enjoyable. I love Brielle’s character. I feel like she really drove the first book while Leo really drove book 2. It will be interesting to see how their perspectives are balanced in book 3.

If you are into reading a steamy, dark fantasy romance with time travel and a healthy dose of action and intrigue, check out The Nightcaster Chronicles by R.L. Perez!

Official Blurb:

A dark power rises. A foe becomes an ally. The souls of the undead hang in the balance.

Brielle Gerrick can’t access her magic. In an effort to awaken her powers, she gets sucked into a time portal—to Spain in the year 1735. Struggling to survive, Brielle is attacked by demons led by an arrogant shape-shifting vampire named Leo Serrano. He toys with Brielle—and she hates him for it.

When Brielle’s dark magic awakens a phoenix within her, she discovers an unholy power . . . and a connection to Lilith, the queen of the Underworld. As the threat of Lilith looms closer, Brielle must put her trust in Leo and his coven of vampires. He becomes an unlikely ally, and Brielle tries to resist the attraction between them. Lilith wants the phoenix’s power for her own. She hunts Brielle, willing to kill anyone who stands in her way.

War is waged. The souls of the damned are unleashed. In the end, Brielle must choose between survival . . . and defeating her worst enemy.

More Information:

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