Disillusioned by Roxanne McNeil Book Review

This stand alone fantasy romance was a fun read! As one who has always been a fan of Pride and Prejudice, I found this book had an enjoyable Jane Austen feel about it while adding the right mix of danger and magic to make it a quick and compelling read.

Lillian is a young woman who is a powerful sorceress. She has the power to bend light and make illusions. Dan is brought on as her proud, condescending protector. At first the two don’t get along, but as time passes their mutual attraction turns into a deep love.

The book is written from the point of view of both Lillian and Dan which I found worked really well for the book. The switch between viewpoints kept the book moving along. It was fun to see them grow closer together as a couple and come to appreciate each other’s strengths.

The one drawback that I sometimes had a hard time with was when Lillian would act a bit like a child or when Dan would get super overprotective in an unhealthy way. The romance was a bit formulaic. But I enjoyed how Lillian grew into her own powers and how eventually Dan came to see her as capable, even if it were a bit overstated at times.

This is not my style of book. Usually I enjoy a lot of action with some nice romance on the side but the cute relationship between Lillian and Dan was enjoyable and these were characters that I genuinely enjoyed getting to know. Again I think the Pride and Prejudice feel really hit it home for me. The magic and action on the side were a great bonus to make this feel like a nice well rounded fantasy romance. I felt like what the author did with Lillian’s powers was very clever, using her ability in new and refreshing ways that I hadn’t considered before.

Overall an entertaining read! If you are into reading clean fantasy romance with a regency era Pride and Prejudice feel, then check out Disillusioned by Roxanne McNeil!

Official Blurb:

An unwanted bodyguard, an underestimated sorceress, and their powerful, mutual dislike. 

Expecting to guard a powerful sorcerer, Dan Forell instead finds himself the unwanted bodyguard of a young sorceress, a pretty girl who could destroy his dreams of prestige in the army. If he wasn’t falling in love with her, he might hate her entirely.

When Lillian Loraine is pushed into accepting an irritable defender, one who clearly doesn’t want the job, her social life and happiness are threatened with utter collapse. She shouldn’t fall for him or trust him with the truth of her abilities, but his quiet intensity and devotion make her question her resolve.

As a foreign power works to annihilate the sorcerers protecting their homeland, Lillian and Dan must repel enemy attacks, overcome first impressions, and somehow convince each other that love is worth the risk of heartbreak.

Disillusioned is a sweet romance with fantasy elements for fans of Pride and Prejudice and fairy tale endings.

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