Blood Numbers by CF Kreitzer Book Review

This book is a timely story about a dystopian society that is divided between Donors and Recipients. Aston lives in donor society where everyone is raised to one day donate their blood and to be judged by the number of antibodies they have. Recipients control all the money and resources and bids on the top donors. The recipients are sick from a illness that the donors are immune to. They need their blood to survive. Aston hates the idea of being forced to donate and being drugged into submission, even though she has higher numbers of antibodies than anyone has ever seen.

This futuristic story has a great and relatable protagonist and awesome connections to past. The secondary characters are well developed and the whole premise draws you into the story. The harsh world and moral questions that Aston faces feel real and complex. The choices that they make always come with a cost. The love triangle with Marcus, another donor who feels more alive to Aston than anyone she’s ever met, and Gannet, a kind but drugged donor technician, was meaningful to the story instead of just a gimmick to be done for YA books.

There’s great twists and turns in this story that keep the reader engaged. I can’t wait to read book 2!

If you are into dystopian societies that have meaningful love triangles and surprise twists, check out Blood Numbers!

Official Blurb:

There are only two kinds of people left on the earth: Donors and Recipients.

Sixteen-year-old Aston Vazeto hates the idea of selling her blood for money and is determined to be the first Donor in New World history to never donate.

But after a suspicious accident at her father’s power plant leaves her family diving deeper into poverty, Aston has no other choice except to enter the annual blood auctions, where Recipients bid on the richest blood. With the highest test results ever seen, Aston’s blood becomes the most sought-after in history, and will likely bring a large price at auctions.

Other Information:

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