Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Hey guys! So I got my cover samples for Lies of the Haven back from my cover designer, and they look awesome! We are just discussing a few minor changes and putting on the finishing touches and it will be ready! I’m planning on having a cover reveal coming up later this month! Of course, those who follow my newsletter will get first peek! I can’t wait!

The pre-order for Lies of the Haven ebook will be available August 1st, so mark your calendars! AND the paperback will be released two weeks later on August 15th!

Meanwhile, Feud: Arius Story, was sent off to my editor! When the novella comes out, it will be free to all those who sign up for my newsletter. You can sign up for my newsletter here. Also check out the cover for the short novel here. It should be out around August/September. Exact date coming soon!

In the meantime, there are a lot of elements that make a good YA fantasy work. While we can all agree that the fantastical is what draws us to the genre in general, I’m curious to find out what other elements of a fantasy story do you find most interesting? Is it fantasy mixed with action/adventure? The world building that enriches the story? Do you like your fantasy mixed with a healthy dose of mystery? Or is it the magical romance that sucks you in?

Great news for you! Lies of the Haven is a great mixture of all of these elements! But let me know in the survey question which one really grabs your interest! You can access the survey page by clicking here.

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