Word Count Madness

Alright guys, I know this may be an accomplishment that only writers can understand but I feel like someone needs to celebrate with me! I have been working on my YA novel Lies of the Haven, which I am super excited about sharing with you by the way, but I felt my word count was way too high. When I neared completion, it was at 97,000 words and I wanted to get it below 80,000.

So I started editing, cutting all the excess fluff and tightening my sentences. With just that, my word count dropped to 89,000 words. Then I started cutting a few scenes that weren’t as integral to the story as I originally thought and my word count dropped to 85,000. Then I took out a chapter that I loved.

And I cried.

As I continued to edit, I got my word count down to 78,000 but I just couldn’t take the agony and put my beloved chapter back in. My word count shot back up to over 80,000. Slowly, very slowly, with more editing and tightening, I have finally gotten my manuscript to drop to 79,000 words.

Success! While I am still in the editing process and hope to drop my word count by even more, I ‘m just so happy I reached my goal! It has taken a lot of work! For all those writers out there, you know what I am talking about! And for those who aren’t writers and just want to feel good about someone’s achievement, celebrate with me!

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JA Curtis has always loved writing stories. One of her greatest dreams as a child was to have a book published. She never knew if that dream would become a reality. There were times when she stopped writing and thought she had given it up for good, but she always found herself coming back to it. So she has decided to share those stories in the hope that others might enjoy them as much as she does! When she’s not writing or re-watching ATLA for the 100th time, she is spending time with her husband and two daughters, or trying to live her life with half as much determination as Mina.

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