Lies of the Haven Paperback AVAILABLE NOW!

Hey everyone! Great news! Lies of the Haven paperback is now available for purchase on Amazon! Purchase your own copy today! When you finish reading, leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads! Also, if you would like to help me with a little publicity, when you receive your paperback, take a picture with the book and post it on social media along with the hastag #LiesoftheHaven and a tag to JA Curtis at @jacurtisbooks on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!!

All who participate in sharing on social media will be entered into a contest to receive a free ebook novella, Feud: Arius’s Story, that goes along with Lies of the Haven! Make sure you use the hashtag #LiesoftheHaven and tag @jacurtisbooks! I’m holding a contest for each platform listed above, so if you share on all three platforms, you will be entered into all three contests! Winners will be announced on September 5th!

Looking for ARC Readers!

Hey all you wonderful people! I am currently searching for ARC readers for my debut novel, Lies of the Haven! What is an ARC reader you ask? ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. What happens is, those who would like to be part of my ARC team will be able to download a free copy of my book, Lies of the Haven. In return, you agree to write an honest review of my book!

Reviews are most helpful on Amazon where Lies of the Haven is currently being sold exclusively. The paperback version of my book will be available August 5th and so reviews can be written on Amazon anytime after that date!

Unfortunately, Amazon has some rules about who can leave a review. Family and close friends are not allowed to leave reviews on Amazon. What counts as close friends you ask? That is a good question. For now we will say it is anyone who is friends with my personal account on Facebook :)(My personal page. If you are following just my JA Curtis author page on Facebook, you are fine) However, far be it from me to deny family and friends an opportunity to a free read if they so wish. If you are friends with my personal account on Facebook, and would still like to be part of my ARC team, shoot me a message and we can make it happen in exchange for honest reviews on Goodreads or other forums!

If you still want to help out in the future but the ARC team isn’t for you, no worries! There are still ways you can help out! I will be assembling a launch team for the final release of Lies of the Haven on ebook on August 31st! Stay tuned or sign up for my newsletter to see how you can help! You can sign up for my Newsletter here.

If you would like to be part of my ARC team, you can sign up by clicking the button below!


Lies of the Haven Available for Pre-Order!!!

Hey guys! So due to a misunderstanding about pre-order dates on Amazon, the ebook version of my novel, Lies of the Haven, is now available for pre-order! Yay! Hehe! The paperback will be out soon for order as well so stay tuned! The ebook goes live on August 31st! Go ahead and reserve your ebook copy today!

Thanks so much for your support!

Lies of the Haven Cover Reveal!

They came from the Otherworld, living in the seclusion of the mountains. Somehow, they had managed to go undetected, despite their hatred for one another and their powerful faerie guardians occasionally locked in mortal combat…

Fifteen-year-old Mina didn’t ask to become the center of a feud between two tattoo bearing, near immortal brothers and their faerie followers. Nor did she ask to be a faerie for that matter. On the night a dragon sends her grandmother’s home up in flames, everything changes.

Mina is stolen from her human home and forced into a life of lies, monsters, and magic. But as she searches for answers that might end the fighting between the faerie factions, she uncovers an enemy who threatens everything she has begun to care for. In order to expose those plotting against the last remaining faeries, and unite the factions, Mina must leave her human life behind. But none of it will matter if she can’t prove her rightful place among them. And what about those back at home who still need her? Torn between two worlds with the fate of one on her shoulders, Mina must dig deep to find where she truly belongs.

***I’m super excited to be sharing my cover for Lies of the Haven with everyone! This is a dream come true! The ebook will be available for pre-order on August 1st. The paperback will be out on August 15th!

The proofed copy of Lies of the Haven is in the mail! Can’t wait to see it and make sure everything looks how it is supposed to!

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Cover Reveal Coming Soon!

Hey guys! So I got my cover samples for Lies of the Haven back from my cover designer, and they look awesome! We are just discussing a few minor changes and putting on the finishing touches and it will be ready! I’m planning on having a cover reveal coming up later this month! Of course, those who follow my newsletter will get first peek! I can’t wait!

The pre-order for Lies of the Haven ebook will be available August 1st, so mark your calendars! AND the paperback will be released two weeks later on August 15th!

Meanwhile, Feud: Arius Story, was sent off to my editor! When the novella comes out, it will be free to all those who sign up for my newsletter. You can sign up for my newsletter here. Also check out the cover for the short novel here. It should be out around August/September. Exact date coming soon!

In the meantime, there are a lot of elements that make a good YA fantasy work. While we can all agree that the fantastical is what draws us to the genre in general, I’m curious to find out what other elements of a fantasy story do you find most interesting? Is it fantasy mixed with action/adventure? The world building that enriches the story? Do you like your fantasy mixed with a healthy dose of mystery? Or is it the magical romance that sucks you in?

Great news for you! Lies of the Haven is a great mixture of all of these elements! But let me know in the survey question which one really grabs your interest! You can access the survey page by clicking here.

Novella Cover Reveal

Brothers will clash. Faeries will fall.

Find out how it all started…

Arius must lead the faeries of the Haven and protect them from the evil designs of the dark faeries who seek their destruction. But when he runs into a dark faerie who claims to be his brother, everything could change. Or it could be the beginning of a dangerous rivalry.

This is the cover for my upcoming novella! The short novel is backstory from the point of view of Arius, who is a main character in Lies of the Haven. It is a great lead into the main series. I love this cover! And I loved writing this story! It was so much fun! I hope you’ll enjoy it, too, when it becomes available around August/September. This story will be free to all those who sign up for my newsletter! To do so, click here.

Exciting News!

If you haven’t signed up for my newsletter, now’s the time! My June Newsletter will be coming out this week and in it will be an early cover reveal for my new novella, Feud: Arius’s Story! When the novella is finished, which will be within the next couple months, it will be free exclusive content for all those who already have or will sign up for my newsletter! I’m super excited! Also, in the upcoming newsletter will be the planned pre-order date from my first novel: Lies of the Haven! You guys this is getting real!

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May Newsletter Coming Soon

Happy Mother’s Day! My May newsletter will be out next week! I’ve taken a huge step toward being published and I’m super stoked and nervous and all the jitters! I’ll tell you all about it in my upcoming Newsletter as well as what comes next in my publishing journey! So excited! If you haven’t signed up for it, you can by clicking here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working hard on the second Lies of the Haven book but found I had to step back and rewrite the beginning so I could make it even better! It slowed me down a bit on my writing goals but it was so worth it!

I’ve also been working on improving my writing. So I’m totally not a poetry writing person but found I want to find ways to make my writing more descriptive and to have more dynamic descriptions in my writing. To that end, I’ve started writing a Nightly Thoughts miscellaneous/poetry? on Wattpad. It’s really just random thoughts from my own life and me trying to increase my ability to write descriptively by trying to capture the random moments in my own life.

You can check it out by clicking here.

And yes, you may have noticed I still have Mind Captive up still. I have a couple of read for reads going on so it will be posted on Wattpad a couple of weeks longer. Check it out while you can here.

Thanks for tuning in! Stay safe! Stay healthy!

April Writing Update

Hey! I hope everyone is doing well during this Covid-19 Pandemic! Let’s all cross our fingers that it will be over soon! I just sent out my April Newsletter today with exclusive information about the making of Lies of the Haven as well as a sneak peek into some of the book itself! If you would like to sign up for my monthly newsletter click here.

In other news, I finished the second book I have been working on, Mind Captive! This futuristic Sci-Fi book about humans being enslaved by telepathic aliens has been years in the making and I finally finished it! AND, for a limited time, the completed story is on Wattpad to read for free. I will be taking it down in about two weeks for extensive revisions so check it out now while you can by clicking here.

What’s next you ask? Well, now I am on to polishing Lies of the Haven so I can get it off to an editor and writing Lies of the Haven 2! Super excited!

Need Something to Read?

Hey! Since many of us have been quarantined away in our homes, some of us may be looking for things to do. While this quarantining lasts, I have posted my Young Adult Sci-Fi WIP, Mind Captive, up on Wattpad for any who would be interested in reading it. Feedback is very much appreciated! Chapters 1-13 are already up and ready to read! Chapters 14-16 will be posted within the next week. If you would like to learn more about Mind Captive you can read my blurb on my main page here.

If you would like to go ahead and check it out on Wattpad, please click here.

I hope you enjoy it! I’m excited to share it with you! Below is the book cover: